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Bringing you BETTERFEST May 13-18th!
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Music: KWVA’s first-ever multiday music festival, Betterfest, celebrates the station’s 20 years on air

(Daily Emerald)

“I wanted to do something we’d never done before,” said Slaughter. “Something that would make everyone shit their pants because it’s so awesome.”

…betterfest is coming

…betterfest is coming

With as many amazing bands as Betterfest is packed with, we wanted to take some time to talk about why each band was picked and why they are amazing! 

First up is You Me & Us! They kick off the main festival shows Thursday the 16th at the Wow Hall opening for Colleen Green and FUZZ. 

You Me & Us first came into KWVA’s life after their debut EP Paper Weights ripped up the charts. After an interview with Music Director Thor Slaughter the band became an unofficial part of the KWVA family and were a no brainer when booking of Betterfest started!

The only thing brighter than this band’s sun soaked pop music is their future. An EP produced by Bobb Bruno is slated for release before the end of the year and the Palm Springs three piece recently took up the title of first local band to ever play Coachella, not just one weekend but BOTH weekends in a row! Can’t wait to dance my face off with you at Betterfest!

"You Me & Us is a three-piece band out of sun-soaked Bermuda Dunes, CA. Having been together just two years, they’ve already crafted an infectious batch of short, supercharged pop songs that will make you want to be their best friends.  Very much something you’d blast while you’re chillin’ in your garage on a summer day, thinking about what you should possibly do with the rest of your time." Check them out for sunshiney pop; melodic with simple chord progressions.


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